Uli Jon Roth in Montreal: Space craft of guitar wisdom

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Yesterday, my mind was blown by a triple guitarist master set. Andy Timmons, Jennifer Batten and finally Uli Jon Roth all graced the stage in their unique ways, leaving a wake of shattered minds and vibrating ear drums.

uli jon roth at katacombes montreal 2016

I’ll admit that what got me there in the first place was Uli Jon Roth but I was incredibly happy to discover Andy Timmons and Jennifer Batten that night. Of course, being the decorated guitar veterans they are, they required little introduction. Andy Timmons is a gipsy guitartist© with an absolutely great vibe emanating from his presence: the definition of good times.

andy timmons montage at katacombes montreal 2016

Jennifer Batten’s stage was setting up next and I had no idea what to expect. Before she even started I felt some of sort of heavy ripple in the space time continuum surfing it’s way through the crowd. Then she began. If her style was wine it would have a complex taste and we’d have to bring out all the fanciest words to describe it. Her music grabs you with it’s harmonic curiosities and hooks you in, taking you to a part of space no man has ever explored. But Jennifer Batten has been there, oh yes. It was almost impossible to turn your head away from her performance which was accompanied by random, projected footage of her cats, Japan and India. Her honesty and genuinely eccentric character were apparent from the very beginning and the crowd clearly appreciated it. I know I did!

jennifer batten at montreal's katacombes 2016

Next up: the incomparable Uli Jon Roth and his band. A smoky, wizardrous aura was suddenly felt as all eyes noticed him appear seemingly out of nowhere. One moment he wasn’t there and the next, like some sly cat: there he was. Wasting no time, they soon broke into Sails of Charon and bombarded the crowd with a great set.

uli jon roth at montreal's katacombes 2016

Next time I’m bringing my astronaut suit. You need that cosmic protection for a journey on the space craft of guitar wisdom.


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