Tokyo Photo Tour

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Tokyo Photo Tour is a brand new tour concept which I am proud to be founder of.

If you’re in Tokyo and want to visit the city with someone who is at home in it’s streets and visit creative concepts, techniques and take original shots of Tokyo, we have you covered! Tokyo is an enormous city with throngs of people flowing through it’s busy streets; to be blunt, there’s simply no time to waste when you’re in town for a few days before moving off to the next destination!tokyo photo tour  Since you may not visit it more than once in a lifetime, I strongly suggest taking one of our Tokyo photo tours.

Admittedly, we are one of the newer tour experiences available but damn, we’ve spent the better part of the last year fine tuning our adventures! There is no way you are not going to be extremely glad you joined us on an urban expedition!

Please visit our website and check out the unique tours we offer:

We have something for everyone and will tailor our tours to your level of experience and gear.


And if photography is not your thing, we know what you’ll be wanting to do: eat and drink! A trip to Tokyo is a cultural odyssey in itself but is not complete without tasting the many tantalizing foods it has to offer. So much to eat, so little time!

Our partners at Tokyo Foodie Tours have eaten their way to becoming a driving force of culinary enjoyment in the towering mega city of Tokyo! This is a city that has more restaurants per citizen than any other on Earth; it’s not easy to know where to go. But Tokyo Foodie Tours has the experience and will guide you to the food and drinks you need to taste! And teach you a few things along the way!

Don’t settle for half of Tokyo when you can have it all!

Visit them at:

I’ll be posting some more updates shortly!

Thanks for indulging my moment of publicity…

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