Tokyo Foodie Tours

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I have been taking a lot of food photos recently and I’d like to share this. I’ve been collaborating with Tokyo Foodie Tours by being their photographer and it’s been fun! It’s no secret to those that know me that I love to cook and eat and most everything that surrounds food. So combining photography and food was quite natural.

If you’re in Tokyo, do yourself a favour, avoid hours of research and wandering around: join a foodie tour!

It begins right here:

Not going to Tokyo? My photos are all over their instagram account @tokyofoodietours !

tonkatsu tokyo justin guenet tokyo foodie tours

One of Tokyo’s best Tonkatsu spots…

I have to say, this city never stops surprising me at every turn. The streets continuously smell of food being cooked, ramen broth being brewed, skewers being grilled and various goods being fried. It’s a little overwhelming because you just want to go all out and eat it all!

sushi tokyo foodie tours

Tantalizing tuna sushi on the breakfast at Tsukiji Fish market tour!

I’ve written a couple of small blurbs on a good friend’s blog; it’s a site that offers insight into expat life in Asia. I’ll be providing the occasional Tokyo vision. All this is going down on RoadBeer.

I’ll be back in a day or two with some fresh shots of some of the most delicious morsels I’ve laid hands on!

Until then,