SUBSISTANCE: Back in action!

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Praise for Susbsistance:

”Subsistance reuniting will stimulate Canada’s economic growth and ensure a stable future for this country. I applaud their efforts to reconcile and wish them the best.”

                                                                                                    –Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada-

”A spicy cocktail of finely crafted hardcore punk. A true delight for the audio palate.

Jamie Oliver, chef-


”A pit may move in a circular motion but it moves spherically when Subsistance plays. We are currently exploring all possibilities as to how this is possible.”

Stephen Hawking, astrophysicist-

”Hands up, baby hands up, Subsistance is back!”

Dalai Lama, religious figure-

These were just a handful of quotes from persons of stature in reaction to SUBSISTANCE reuniting and playing their first show in 3 years at the Katacombes in Montreal.


Matt on the heavy axe

Long time friends of mine, it was a pleasure to shoot some shots and record some images of the show. I’ve seen their first show together under another band name almost 12 or so years ago and will undoubtedly see their last show.


Scott on the boom boxes.


Phil on the twang twangs


I have been negligent about getting a couple of photo projects online. I have been working on assembling one two portfolio projects on my spare time. Yet the photos just keep accumulating and I prefer producing work to organizing it. I used to have a website dedicated to my photography but shut it down when I opened this one. I’ll be getting more photos online as soon as I can, mainly focusing on music and other individuals, all taken from a wide variety of places and walks of life.

See you soon,