Oi! : St-Patrick’s day weekend 2016 at Katacombes

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Last week, I headed out to Katacombes in Montréal for the annual St Patrick’s day Oi weekend.  As usual, it proved to be an amazing time. When you mix good beer, a good crowd and put a camera in my hand, I’m having a blast every time!

Shotcallers oi


Though I missed out on the first evening headlined by BAD CO. PROJECT which is composed of former OXYMORON members, I managed to get out on the second night for an equally solid line-up. In general, the whole evening’s program was really tight. I’ve got nothing to say there: the sets were not too long which is great and the energy level was high.

legion 76 montreal at katacombes 2016 oi

Legion 76

shotcallers at katacombes with lion's law 2016 oi

Shotcallers with Lion’s Law singer Wattie

Personally, I discovered The Strike that night, which reminds me that sometimes great style only sharpens with age. This is truly what comes to mind when I reflect on their set which concluded with a cover of ”Sunday morning nightmare” by SHAM 69a song that’s been particularly present in my ears over the last year. To put it simply: this band is in your fucking face. Plus, I had a chance to meet the bassist and lead singer/guitarist and they were ultra stand-up individuals.

the strike at montreal's katacombes 2016 oi

The strike

Then: Lion’s Law came on stage. That’s when the place, quite simply, turned up to 11.


turn it up to 11

You’ll go nuts if you watch this for too long…


lion's law at katacombes montreal 2016 oi

Lion’s law

It was great to get to get out and add more shots to the archives; the bands were wicked as usual. The Sunday morning after wasn’t quite a nightmare but the bells of Saint Patrick’s were ringing in my ears for the rest of the weekend.