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OTTRO is an ongoing series born from within the Odderside’s astral womb. It’s the story of a man alone(or almost) in a universe filled to the brim with strange creatures, characters and situations. Of course, it is also much more than this.

After printing THE ODDERSIDE in 2010, I had a chat with myself about where my next volume should take me and it became clear that I wanted not only to create short works of sci-fi/fantasy but also something on a grander theme, something I could grow with. I cannot say how long the OTTRO series will run given that it has only just begun however I seem to already be shackled to it, a happy and willing prisoner within it’s enormous walls.

I am currently working on the next part of OTTRO’s complex tale.

The first book, A premise for OTTRO, leaned on a humble beginning and introduced the man himself, on the run from Tetra, a supernatural entity born from the joining of an ancient evil and the soul of a young girl who found herself alienated by the homogeneous bee hive society she lived in. Along the way, many events tile their way onto OTTRO’s path. Only time and it’s inevitable passage will reveal which of these tiles may return onto his path…and which of them, perhaps, have never really left in the first place.

OTTRO’s future is a mist and I hope that one day, as I have, you may enjoy the feeling of being lost within it.