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ODDERSIDE comics began in 2007 just as life began to move on for me. Within me, a pile of rubble was attempting to put itself back together not unlike T-2000 or humpty dumpty; a new purpose was slowly appearing in my life. I began to apply considerable effort to improve my art with the goal of rendering my illustrations less abstract and therefore, begin putting to paper the ideas and stories that were accumulating within my mind, slowly reaching critical mass. It was time to get heavy.

The first issue, which was released in 2010 after 3 years work, was an entirely self-created experiment; a sci-fi fantasy anthology with several short stories, this first tome became the primordial ooze from which would evolve all further volumes.

At the moment, the Odderside will remain an ongoing project of mine, an outlet for short stories and a medium with which to explore the creation of new characters. Since I must build and fundraise these projects myself, the process is long but rewarding.