There are many sources of inspiration for my work but none impact me more than music. Whether on my own, with friends or at a live show, it’s the element that makes us remember life is a blast. It fuels our inner fires and it represents our unmasked hearts and minds.

We use it to question the world as we know it in an attempt to understand what’s going on or at the least least, feel a little more comfortable if we don’t. Music photography has always been important to me because I’ve always felt at home there, in that atmosphere. From a photography standpoint, the stage effects, the band and the crowd form a compositional triforce. Just as ISO, shutter speed and aperture form the triforce of exposure, a live concert is a special thing that can be captured when it’s elements are understood.

This section is ever growing and I’ll be gradually digging up old shots and adding new images…

Bands/musicians portrayed in this section are: Kreator(DE), Shotcallers(CA), The Strike(CA), Ui Jon Roth(DE), Jennifer Batten(USA), Vanishing(JP), Warhead(JP), Milkcow(JP).