lululemon tokyo japan justin guenet event photography 2016 ebisu garden

As a photographer, I suppose I’m in a constant search for elements of visual interest, whether found in groups or alone, whether said element is alive or inanimate. I look for colors and repetition, movement and stability, all of which capture my eye for different reasons. It is therefore true that photography and arguably all art forms, promote within me a sort of vagabond state where to move from one thing to the next is the only path to satisfaction within the craft.

This project for Lululemon in Tokyo was an amazing opportunity to work with what seemed to be a group of about 15 individuals. However, when I delved deeper into my reflection of the event itself, I realized I was working with over 100 people. Even though as a photographer, I am usually apart from the whole in my role as an observer, I am also part of the whole, on the doorstep to the outside, peering in and seeing everything in a way that those inside cannot.