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The CREACTIVE project is a joint initiative between Le Cirque du Soleil and Club Med in Punta Cana for which I produced some art and ultimately, created several murals to properly clothe some of the surfaces within the area. It proved to be a wonderful event of creation, uniting many humans from all over, collaborating to forge from raw elements, a site that can be enjoyed by many travelers from around the world for great number of years to come.

But when it came to putting together a section about my time working on this grand project, I thought: Well, I’m just going to put up a few sketches, some mural shots and a few progress photos…etc.

But upon consideration, I figured that this wouldn’t be enough; it wouldn’t do our effort justice.  So, instead of focusing entirely on my mural work, which will also figure prominently(winkwink) in the slideshow above, I’ve decided to make this into a photographic journey of sorts, a simple story if you will, about how a motley crew of misfit individuals from Montreal and beyond, dove into a pit of dirt, concrete and metal, only to resurface with huge smiles and slight amounts of liver damage. The liver damage is not documented in this particular story…

And also, I tried to keep it brief.

And so…

While my role was to produce mural concept art and the eventual murals themselves over the course of a month, the entire project itself took over a year(or so it’s rumored) to conceive and involved the creative inputs of several artists and individuals, engineers and workers, laborers and ground layers, acrobats and foot flippers, hat weavers and can sprayers and one gnarly, speedo rocking italian man with a fine tan.

I hope you enjoy this set of photos, my work and all the stitching that holds it together.