These photos were taken at the Color Me Rad run in Montreal, 2013.

I enjoyed getting close-up into people’s victory moments as they crossed the finish line. Most people thought I worked for the event which made it even easier for me to take close quartered shots. Afterwards, this brought me to consider how I was immediately trusted as a photographer just because i was there. It perfectly illustrates how some situations are expected to be photographed, whether officially or unofficially. A great moment, as any, to reflect on subject/photographer issues.

When surrounded by clouds of color and similar people who’ve let themselves be stained silly as part of the collective moment, people put their guard down and let me in despite my lack of my vestimentary chaos. A photographer in sheep’s clothing. An undercover who makes no effort to BE undercover. A wolf in wolf’s clothing.

I wonder how long it took, once back in the plain, grey city, for their colors to dissipate, not only from their clothes but also from their hearts.

A day?     A month?    A year?     Never?




On this day, I used a Sigma 28mm 1.8 on a Canon T3.