Ottawa comiccon 2016

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ottawa comiccon 2016

”I wanted to be Peter Parker but no one really knows I’m him. All I had was this camera my dad passed me.” -Kid-


Ottawa comiccon 2016: one of my favorite events of the year. It’s always a great time and I get to meet many new people as well as spend 3 days drawing non stop! Special thanks goes out to all the great folk who stopped by the table and said hello and also those who went the extra mile and bought one or more of my books!

…AND an EXTRA special mention for those who hired me to create artwork for them; all of this weekend’s commissions were really cool, fun and original.

I managed to get some shots of my various little pieces I drew up during the convention although one slipped away: chain gun nurse princess is sadly missing from my photos.¬†This was a sketch I made for someone who had created his own character and hired artists to draw up their own vision of her; people always surprise me with great and challenging commission propositions. To be honest, I’ll do this event for as long as I can because even though I always just break even, I love producing pieces for people to enjoy!

Below are sketches of a random sci-fi dude and a Venom portrait.
justin guenet comiccon art


Here’s a cool ink piece done for a father who knew just what his son wanted: Big Hero 6!


big hero 6


And yet, the most original commission of the weekend has to be the Bates motel from Alfred Hitchcock’s PSYCHO:


bates motel psycho ottawa comiccon

Where the shower isn’t safe


And to finish: a colorful, musically inspired piece that was also a blast to get done!

justin guenet illustration


The Blue Book of Ideas

I seem to be releasing my books at Ottawa comiccon every second year! This year saw the release of The Blue Book of Ideas: a limited edition(200) book of ballpoint sketches ranging from the humorous and satirical to the completely absurd!


blue book of ideas justin guenet


And so…

Another year of Ottawa comiccon comes to a close on a good note. Sadly, I’ll onlybe back in 2018. However, big things in the near future.

Stay tuned for Japan.