NEW BOOK: The blue book of ideas

Posted on Oct 8, 2015 in Comics, Illustration | No Comments

It’s finally happening. Or just about!

It’s been one year since I released OTTRO and I feel great announcing I’ve completed my next work.

For many many months now, I’ve been toiling at organizing my kickstarter project for my new ballpoint pen illustrated abstract comic entitled THE BIG BLUE BOOK OF IDEAS !!!

On this site, there has been a project page dedicated to it for about 8 months and I am now simply hoping that a crowdfunding campaign will be a success! Of course, that depends on a proper presentation but mainly, the public’s support!

I expect to launch this within 72 hours if all goes well or at the very latest, by next week.

This book is so full of nonsense and crazy shit, I really hope it’s going to get funded! I’m breaking all the rules of engagement with this published piece of illustration; it’s my representation of the chaos within our brains. The overactive imagination, illustrated.

Here is the project page on this website with a few sample pages:

In this book, everything gets said. Everything is will be frowned upon. Everyone will smile.

: )