Posted on Jul 3, 2015 in Illustration | No Comments

I draw a lot every day. Or every day to certain degrees. If I don’t draw, I cook and make designs with my food or something else. I have to do something.

And almost every day, I try to take little detail shots of what I draw to share via this website or instagram. Sometimes, I lose touch as to why I keep doing it. I suppose I keep doing it because if I stop, I’ll cease to exist in a way. Insecurity drives a lot of artists in this respect, I think.

There comes a time, when I look for answers at the bottom of every barrel, knowing full well that it is folly to search in the bottomless black of one’s own insecurities. But i can’t help it because I guess I believe in myself after all and that by sharing photos of my art, I’m actually dealing with who I am. 

And as far as that goes, I think I have a lot of terrain to cover.

Unless I actually DO know who I am but refuse to accept it.

That’s also possible.