Crobar: a downtown Montreal staple

Posted on Mar 21, 2016 in Photography | No Comments
Ah, my photos.

How I’d love to spend just a wee little more time on building proper sections to showcase some of my work. In the last year, I’ve been working on the release for the Blue Book of Ideas and haven’t really had the time to do something really important: create proper photography portfolios.

I do what I can with the time that I have! But there’s so many wonderful things I’d like to do with my photos.

Basically, I’ve spent many years documenting Montreal punk/oi shows when I could. The idea is tiny right now but I’m thinking of the ”hows” and the ”whens” of putting out a heavy book of concert/scene moments. It seems that after 10 years or more of taking photos, I’m starting to have a decent amount of stuff I could use for a solid book project. It’s making me think and when I start thinking, I’m soon to act!

Which leads me to the point: I’ve just put up a new section entitled PSYCHO PORTRAITS. It’s a  collection of trippy photographs with special qualities to them. This one which I like to call ”The ogre of Crobar” is a portrait of Scott of the Montreal band Out of Order, though you wouldn’t know it unless you were quite intimate with his feet on a regular basis. I had just finished painting a mural on the Crobar’s terrace and I’m not sure why but Scott was walking around barefoot and I believe he’d stepped in black paint! He was managing the bar at the time under the former owner Rob(RIP) and has taken the initiative of having me put some color into their outdoor area.

The photo itself was damaged by light as I removed it from the Yashica body; it had somehow gotten stuck in the spool. Though I tried to remove it in the darkest environment possible under a bunch of sheets, I could not completely save it. But the result is great! I found the neon green ”burn” to be awesome!

crobar montreal yashica lynx

Since then, I’m sure Scott’s feet have been cleansed of the Darkness.