September sumo grand tournament in Tokyo 2016

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What can I say? Sumo is an amazing event and a very exciting sport! Sumo is a very old tradition in Japan. When attending a grand tournament, you can feel it through the ceremony, etiquette and overall style of the event. There are too many things to cover so I’ll really encourage you to go […]

Blue steel

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Well, it’s definitely not the legendary Blue Steel look from Zoolander but here’s a shot I took on an evening photo tour about 2 weeks back. Naming photographs is sometimes tricky and not altogether necessary but I decided to go ahead and give this one a stellar name! The photo was tekan while I was […]

Super Yosakoi festival in Harajuku, Tokyo: Photos

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The Harajuku Omotesando genki matsuri Super Yosakoi is an annual festival in Tokyo. The festival lasts 2 days and takes place during the last weekend in the month of August. The festival itself is quite impressive and sees over 100 teams perform on stages set up in Tokyo’s famous Yoyogi park. Hidden among the massive trees, […]

PARASYTES in Japan: Total infestation with LIFE

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  I had heard of this show maybe 2 months ago when Montreal’s Parasytes announced their Japanese Total Infestation tour on facebook. I immediately began salivating at the opportunity to see this great band from my hometown play in Tokyo! This special evening was a celebration of LIFE‘s quarter of a century of ear shredding crust punk in […]

Tokyo Foodie Tours

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I have been taking a lot of food photos recently and I’d like to share this. I’ve been collaborating with Tokyo Foodie Tours by being their photographer and it’s been fun! It’s no secret to those that know me that I love to cook and eat and most everything that surrounds food. So combining photography […]

Tokyo Photo Tour

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Tokyo Photo Tour is a brand new tour concept which I am proud to be founder of. If you’re in Tokyo and want to visit the city with someone who is at home in it’s streets and visit creative concepts, techniques and take original shots of Tokyo, we have you covered! Tokyo is an enormous […]

Ottawa comiccon 2016

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  Ottawa comiccon 2016: one of my favorite events of the year. It’s always a great time and I get to meet many new people as well as spend 3 days drawing non stop! Special thanks goes out to all the great folk who stopped by the table and said hello and also those who […]

Uli Jon Roth in Montreal: Space craft of guitar wisdom

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Yesterday, my mind was blown by a triple guitarist master set. Andy Timmons, Jennifer Batten and finally Uli Jon Roth all graced the stage in their unique ways, leaving a wake of shattered minds and vibrating ear drums. I’ll admit that what got me there in the first place was Uli Jon Roth but I was incredibly happy […]

Oi! : St-Patrick’s day weekend 2016 at Katacombes

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Last week, I headed out to Katacombes in Montréal for the annual St Patrick’s day Oi weekend.  As usual, it proved to be an amazing time. When you mix good beer, a good crowd and put a camera in my hand, I’m having a blast every time! Though I missed out on the first evening […]

Crobar: a downtown Montreal staple

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Ah, my photos. How I’d love to spend just a wee little more time on building proper sections to showcase some of my work. In the last year, I’ve been working on the release for the Blue Book of Ideas and haven’t really had the time to do something really important: create proper photography portfolios. […]