ALPHABET: Tokyo art update

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Here’s a little progress shot from a series of 7 little alphabet pieces that I’ve created for a  pop-up art show that is going on right now at Bird café in Daikanyama, Tokyo! I would have loved to have more pictures to show but damn, like the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland: I have no […]

COHESION pop-up art show at Bird Daikanyama

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I will be exposing some cool new works at a new group show: COHESION. Personally, I’ll be focusing on lettering and some illustration pieces mainly using india ink and spray paint.  Most of the work is still in progress, that’s why I can’t be more descriptive about what I’ll be showing. If in Tokyo, stop by […]

Fear is a mountain

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It’s good to sit down and draw.

Greed motivates

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Well, not the best photo but i’ve been up to some new pieces here in Tokyo and thought I’d share one.

Skateboard piece: Dead decks rise!

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Skateboard piece: Dead decks rise!

I finished this skateboard piece a few weeks ago, I thought I’d post it! It’s part of the Artflip show that took place in Sherbrooke city a few weeks ago. It will be back on the island for the Montreal version of the show in April 2016. More on that as the date approaches! In the meantime, […]


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From the daily sketch files comes some BOOM! I’ve been occasionally practicing my explosions. I figure explosions are always good to have in an exciting story or narrative style illustration. Am I right?!  

Blue Book of Ideas: Ready to ship!

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It’s been hectic but finally, after over a year in the works, the Blue Book of Ideas has been printed and is ready to ship! Making a book is always sort of a chaotic storm of a process for me and this one was no exception! Thankfully, the crowdfunding campaign went very well, making it a […]

ARTFLIP art show 2016

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ARTFLIP(Click) is a show with a great many artists showing off their visual game on old skateboard decks. I am happy to say I will be participating in this event that kicks off next week, on Friday the fifteenth! Check it out if you’re in the Sherbrooke, Qc area. In the highly probably event that you […]

The Blue Book of Ideas

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Greetings visitors! The Blue Book of Ideas, my recent Kickstarter funded book is hot on track for a January 2016 release date! I haven’t updated this site in a while because I’ve been dedicating every other hour to this project and not getting as much time as I’d like to put new sections up and […]

Update: The blue book of ideas

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The blue book of ideas is officially funded and then some thanks to all the support! The book and several of the cooo-oool little items I’ve got up my sleeve should be shipping around January 2016. What better to cure the holiday ills than some insane assemblage of blue drawings delivered straight to your door […]