Alphabet part 1

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Working on an alphabet for fun…

Got the ABCDEF done…


Close up

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Detail shot of a new piece called HIVER (winter)


Bic pen update

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The bic pen book project advances…

bic pen_05

Happy New Year. Oh, happy New Year.

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Hello all you intermanauts!

As the vessel that was 2014 is hit by a searing blast of laser cannon fire in the starboard gravitational stabilizer unit, causing a hull breach which in turn, sucks us violently towards the unforgiving vacuum of 2015 space, we wildly flail about, attempting to grasp and grope the anchors of ambition and resolution or possibly even a conveniently placed ladder that is firmly welded to the ship’s hull…we begin anew. A New Year. A chance to impress ourselves and all those around us. A New Year where all around you, the babies pop out, the promotions are obtained, the houses are purchased, the lawns are trimmed to a “suburbian” level of satisfaction and also the burdens increase, the taxes go up, the days become ever shorter, the “office” decides not to get the good pens any more but the cheaper ones to save a few pennies, all the while promising that profits will be on the rise! THE FAX MACHINE DOESN’T WORK ANYMORE! BUT THE RISE! OH, HAIL PROFITS ON THE RISE! CAN YOU HEAR IT FROM THE 30th FLOOR ALL THE WAY TO THE BOILER ROOM!?

Oh, the New Year. The New Year.

Praise the New Year.

Drool upon it. Lick it well. Enjoy being led forward by it’s larger than life will.

But do not bow down to it. NO…Please, do not. Bow. Down.

To the New Year, folks.

To the New Year.

Happy New year.


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A little fun piece from earlier this year…



Montreal Mini comiccon 2014

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What better way to spend a grizzly ol’ winter sunday…THAN TO COME TO THIS YEAR’S MINI MONTREAL COMICCON ON  SUNDAY, DECEMBER 7TH !

I’ll be peddling my wares at table 2201 so come on by and say hello




The skull cosmic

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Montreal comiccon 2014…a little something I cooked up while chatting with the lovely ladies and lads.


Cardiovascular plumbing

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Space marine

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Montreal comiccon 2014