Osaka: technotako in the street

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The night. She was a young and playful thing whose light guided us to a little shop to pick up some pressurized materials. Then, wasting no time, we headed to a hood where the cost of living dropped slightly and the concentration of citizen with shopping cart increased dramatically; a place bustling with charming street folk who would be very deserving of a good dental plan and one strange, drunk woman with a teddy bear hat that tried to give me a violent hug.

Which I politely declined.


On then! Off we went to meet the local store owners who graciously donated their storefront to me. An elderly couple who had no idea what I was going to paint for them. I hope they like the mecha octopus with a huge central eyeball matrix. But like I said, good folk…

The whole Osaka experience was like something more akin to home. In this neighborhood in particular, the usually clean, efficient Japanese landscape seemed pushed aside somewhat. Possibly swept under the rug of slight schizophrenia. A rug I recognized. A rug that back home has 4 big ”Fleur de Lys” on it.

But despite the grime, it remained a beautiful little hood where one can get his beer on and paint a nice wall.

And then maybe, the local Yakuza area boss comes by with his colleague and asks questions about where you’re from and compliments you on your piece.


It was something like this.

I feel like in a certain way, there are comparable elements in Osaka and Montreal. Both are nice, chill cities by any standards with a dash of the loco grain and a few drops of the hot stuff, served on a trippy combination of greens so you can stay regular.

I imagine Osaka as Tokyo’s unshaven brother who always shows up a little late, with an odd lady under his arm and sharp, crooked smile that would make the moon itself blush and hide behind a veil of clouds.


Convenient izakaya product placement

The trip was amazing and the people I met made me feel like a brother right from the get go.

Arigato Gozaimashita to the man VERY ONE for hooking this up!


And because I grew up on variant comic book covers…here’s a another picture of the same thing but AT NIGHT! WO! ; )


Night variant


CREACTIVE Photo: Holy cutter

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The CREACTIVE site at Club med Punta Cana in the making…

This picture took an unexpectedly biblical tone when I was editing it. It is a picture of the ”Homme de lettre” Romain making sure his floor designs are super slick and crispy tight.

More to come…


First look: CREACTIVE

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I recently had the opportunity to work on a very special project with a wonderful team. The project is known as CREACTIVE and is a collaborative effort between Le Cirque du Soleil and Club Med Punta Cana.

The CREACTIVE site in Punta Cana’a Club med resort is a wonderful, colorful and absolutely brilliant tropical playground. It’s an immersive area that pretty much blows anything else out there out of the water. I’m kind of sad I won’t be there to see it in full swing…

The new site has got trapeze set ups and cutting edge acrobatic installations and some sort of visual stimulation on every surface while preserving a well balanced design aesthetic. In other words, it’s awesome.

Over the course of the last month, I painted a few murals on the site that I will happily be sharing but I will wait until the official opening date of June 15th 2015 to get down in complete detail; I am working on a comprehensive photo journey of the 12 days I spent there.

In the meantime, I have a snippit of a preview, not of my walls but of me just hanging around in the site’s splendor after a day’s work!

Pre-landscaping of course…



Stay tuned, I will post more in the coming days…

In the meantime, check me out on Instajizzle if you do that kind of thing. My Instagram link is on the sidebar over thurrr….



Storm troopin’ at Ottawa comiccon

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Pretty self-explanatory…


Ottawa comiccon part 2

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Look at this fine young crew here…with my piece ZILLA : )

Thanks !




Collaboration: Fox Samurai

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My neighbors at Ottawa comiccon known collectively as NXG comics and I were twiddling our thumbs at some point and decided to exercise our common skills.

Devon Ryan carved the sheet with carbon allowing me to finish the deed with precise slices and slashes of  the pen across the surface.

The end result is their character Fox Samurai. It was fun inking someone else’s work for a change!


Mr Teeth

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A commission done in a wonderful book at Ottawa comiccon this past weekend. I was thrilled to be hired for a little take on Mr Teeth!



Muppets are to other puppets what Warner brothers cartoons are to Disney. A damn lot more REAL.

Ottawa comiccon

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Ottawa comiccon was a blast, as always!

Missed my train, got a lift on Amigo express with Gabrielle who was cool enough to lift me to the con center JUST in the nick of time for the opening hour.


I’ll post some shots that I took over the weekend once I get all the fadangles uploaded to the compadoodle. And maybe a few more once I get the film developed at the isotorium maximus.



Lots of drawing and several interesting commissions were done; THANKS to those who hired me…and also to those who picked up a copy of Odderside 1 and Ottro 1 !!!



Next con will be Montreal comiccon in early July. Home turf.

See you there!





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Here’s my Albert piece… A slight color variation has occurred upon uploading but essentially this is how it is!

It’s a new print that I will be peddling at Ottawa and Montreal comiccon!

The inks were India ink and colors were added with photoshop.

Come on over and pick one up 🙂




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India inked and photoshop colored.