The Blue Book of Ideas

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Greetings visitors!

The Blue Book of Ideas, my recent Kickstarter funded book is hot on track for a January 2016 release date!

I haven’t updated this site in a while because I’ve been dedicating every other hour to this project and not getting as much time as I’d like to put new sections up and whatnot.

Once the book DROPS, there’ll be some time for that, I suppose.

Stay tooned!



Update: The blue book of ideas

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The blue book of ideas is officially funded and then some thanks to all the support!

The book and several of the cooo-oool little items I’ve got up my sleeve should be shipping around January 2016. What better to cure the holiday ills than some insane assemblage of blue drawings delivered straight to your door on a blustery winter’s day!? Of course, chances are, you’ll be working and won’t be there to receive the package so you’ll have to brave the cold and journey to the nearest post office…






SUBSISTANCE: Back in action!

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Praise for Susbsistance:

”Subsistance reuniting will stimulate Canada’s economic growth and ensure a stable future for this country. I applaud their efforts to reconcile and wish them the best.”

                                                                                                    –Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada-

”A spicy cocktail of finely crafted hardcore punk. A true delight for the audio palate.

Jamie Oliver, chef-


”A pit may move in a circular motion but it moves spherically when Subsistance plays. We are currently exploring all possibilities as to how this is possible.”

Stephen Hawking, astrophysicist-

”Hands up, baby hands up, Subsistance is back!”

Dalai Lama, religious figure-

These were just a handful of quotes from persons of stature in reaction to SUBSISTANCE reuniting and playing their first show in 3 years at the Katacombes in Montreal.


Matt on the heavy axe

Long time friends of mine, it was a pleasure to shoot some shots and record some images of the show. I’ve seen their first show together under another band name almost 12 or so years ago and will undoubtedly see their last show.


Scott on the boom boxes.


Phil on the twang twangs


I have been negligent about getting a couple of photo projects online. I have been working on assembling one two portfolio projects on my spare time. Yet the photos just keep accumulating and I prefer producing work to organizing it. I used to have a website dedicated to my photography but shut it down when I opened this one. I’ll be getting more photos online as soon as I can, mainly focusing on music and other individuals, all taken from a wide variety of places and walks of life.

See you soon,





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Good evening friends!

On this tuesday evening I launch a kickstarter campaign to fund my new project and book THE BLUE BOOK OF IDEAS !


This is possibly my most intense work ever.

Essentially, it’s an abstract comic book LOADED with out-of-the-blue characters, thoughts and ideas ranging from the mundane to the disturbing. It’s full of facts, fiction, sarcasm and off-the-wall musings that I’ve collected while at my job. It’s FULL of references to pop/cartoon culture, global concerns and human ramblings we all usually keep to ourselves or at least, to our close circle.

For more info, please see my video which I will admit, was fun, it’s imperfect but it came from the blood pumping organ.


Take care!



NEW BOOK: The blue book of ideas

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It’s finally happening. Or just about!

It’s been one year since I released OTTRO and I feel great announcing I’ve completed my next work.

For many many months now, I’ve been toiling at organizing my kickstarter project for my new ballpoint pen illustrated abstract comic entitled THE BIG BLUE BOOK OF IDEAS !!!

On this site, there has been a project page dedicated to it for about 8 months and I am now simply hoping that a crowdfunding campaign will be a success! Of course, that depends on a proper presentation but mainly, the public’s support!

I expect to launch this within 72 hours if all goes well or at the very latest, by next week.

This book is so full of nonsense and crazy shit, I really hope it’s going to get funded! I’m breaking all the rules of engagement with this published piece of illustration; it’s my representation of the chaos within our brains. The overactive imagination, illustrated.

Here is the project page on this website with a few sample pages:

In this book, everything gets said. Everything is will be frowned upon. Everyone will smile.

: )



Photo: Higuey Dominican kitten

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If you’re travelling in the hood and you have an animal on your shoulder, no one will fuck with you.




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I draw a lot every day. Or every day to certain degrees. If I don’t draw, I cook and make designs with my food or something else. I have to do something.

And almost every day, I try to take little detail shots of what I draw to share via this website or instagram. Sometimes, I lose touch as to why I keep doing it. I suppose I keep doing it because if I stop, I’ll cease to exist in a way. Insecurity drives a lot of artists in this respect, I think.

There comes a time, when I look for answers at the bottom of every barrel, knowing full well that it is folly to search in the bottomless black of one’s own insecurities. But i can’t help it because I guess I believe in myself after all and that by sharing photos of my art, I’m actually dealing with who I am. 

And as far as that goes, I think I have a lot of terrain to cover.

Unless I actually DO know who I am but refuse to accept it.

That’s also possible.








Color Me Rad Montreal 2013

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I have just added a new portfolio of pictures taken at Montreal’s Color me rad run in 2013. Oh sure, it’s a past event but these kind of things are timeless, I think.

It was a blast to be in the smoky haze of colored powder, trying not to worry about my ill guarded camera in it’s makeshift ziploc jacket I created rather quickly for my T3 and lens. Everything survived pretty damn well!






Mural work : Club Med’s Creactive

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I’ve FINALLY churned out a little section for my mural work done at Club Med’s new CREACTIVE site in Punta Cana; a circus playground made by Cirque du Soleil!

What to say? It was another race to the finish, intense 2 week painting sprint surrounded by awesome people. Not mention super skin reactions to the paint, sweat, sun…but that did not stop me from completing my task though I’m sure I was way unpleasant for a few days, hiding from the sun like a vampire.

The site just launched on June 15th…a great spot to consider hanging out if on vacation. Literally.

Check it out in the wallworks section!