I am a Montreal born artist currently based in Tokyo.

I began my way into the arts over 10 years ago, drawing, painting and taking photos. What can I say? Since then, I’ve been developing a sort of work disorder where I can’t stop drawing, taking photos and painting. It’s gotten me into trouble and it’s kept me out of trouble.

I’ve never been happy being good at just one thing though they say you should just pick ONE thing and be good at it. I’m kind of hard headed so I figured I wouldn’t listen to any of that nonsense and strive to be a multi-disciplinarian artist. I like taking things from A to Z. If I could afford it, I’d delegate some of the work. For now, I’ll see how much weight I can carry on my own. So far, it’s working out rather well.

And I love inventing new words.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re looking for such a person to hire.



11-2015:   ”Jenkins: Récits de graffiti du Sud-ouest de Montréal” Photo and historical information contributor.

11-2015:  Bizarre Beyond Belief: The Collection – Featured artist.

10-2012:  BBB magazine – Interview/writing/photography for KREATOR article.



02-2016: The Blue Book of Ideas – Illustration/comics – cross-genre

05-2014: A premise for Ottro  – 50 pages – sci-fi/fantasy

06-2011: The Odderside volume 1 – 50 pages – sci-fi/fantasy

Selected murals:

05-2015: CREACTIVE site @ Club Med Punta by Cirque du Soleil

02-2014: RBC pavillion @ Montréal en Lumière 2014.

08-2007: Zepellin primary school in Potsdam, Germany contracted by the Proffiti e.v. team.



15-01-2016  ”Artflip 2” @ ”Centre culturel Françoise-Dunn”, Sherbrooke, QC.

23-01-2016 ”BBB:The collection” book launch and art show@Le Sino. Montreal, QC.


03-2015: ”Sommet de l’art” @ Gallerie D. Group art show benefiting the Montreal youth center foundation


05-2012: ”The photo show” @ Le Sino – Montréal, QC. Shared show with Kris Murray. Photos documenting graffiti in Berlin, Valparaiso and Montreal.

From 2002 to 2007, lots of things happened. No one has proof much proof sadly. We didn’t document our art shows and murals very well. When time permits, I’ll dig around in the ”photo shoe box” and maybe find some hidden gems!



2015-16: Featured on Montreal comiccon frontpage slider