Upcoming events of 2016

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Hello all!

2016 is gearing up to be quite the year! I will be very busy…some projects I can discuss and some, for the time being, I cannot.

For starters, I’ll be showing a piece at ARTFLIP tomorrow, in Sherbrooke city alongside 45+ other artists. Unfortunately, I can’t make it out there; I’d have loved to witness the sheer volume of work that will be shown however I’ll have to wait until it rolls around to Montreal in April, 2016!



Also, I have been collaborating with my good friends over at arts and culture magazine Bizarre Beyond Belief in organizing a Montreal launch for their new book: BBB The anthology. This book is as elegant as it is rich in content. So much talent from around the globe can be found in this wonderful tome- a true treasure trove!

In honor of this book launch, we have assembled a team of Montreal and Toronto based artists of various skills and fields, to get together for a show at Le Sino, in Montreal, which will kick off on  January 23rd, 2016. It should be quite memorable!



And then, there’s my flagship work. My new book.

In early February 2016, my new book entitled The Blue Book of Ideas will be shipped to my castle so that I may distribute them! This book, which was fully funded by generous support on Kickstarterwill be my wildest creation yet. It’s quite simply a heavy journey into one’s strange and unrefined imagination. I will be selling them at Ottawa comiccon 0n May 2016 alongside my previous works as well!

This is a limited edition book with only 200 copies available in all.




During, before and after all this, I plan to continue working on my mystery project which I will be glad to reveal the details of at a later time! This will be in the whereabouts of March or April 2016. It’s also because of this project that I will sadly not be attending Montreal Comiccon this year.

In contrast to that last bit of information, I was quite surprised and happy when I stumbled upon this picture currently featured on the Montreal comiccon website. Thanks! I should be back in 2017…


There I am, sporting one of my favorite shirts with the Zabi commander from the original Mobile Suit: Gundam series. Watching the original series then following it up with Gundam Zeta equals hours and hours and hours of awesome space opera. I highly recommend it.

I will post photos from the BBB show in a week or two so stay tuned! In the meantime, follow me on instagram where I post sketches and art and who knows what else @justin_odderside